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what is a doula?

The role of the doula is to provide a mother with physical and emotional assistance before, during, or after childbirth.

A doula isn’t a doctor, or even a midwife. She is a woman who attends to the needs of the mother, as well as the baby and father, through childbirth and beyond. A doula works in numerous capacities, from birth guide to lactation specialist.

The concept of a ‘doula’ isn’t new. In the past this role may have fallen to a mother, favorite aunt or grandmother who sensitively guided the couple through the often overwhelming transition into parenthood. Today, birth and postpartum doulas operate in this same capacity, with a dedication to compassionate care and practical assistance, but have the addition of up-to-date professional instruction.

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birth doula services

Do you need an experienced guide to help you with child birth? Our doulas will partner with you on this journey, supporting you physically, mentally and spiritually.

Discover our Doula Birth Services

postpartum doula services

Having a child is a big step. Not only do you have to live your own life, but you need to take care of another. Our doulas can assist you in this transition period, offering training, lactation support and general coaching.

Discover our Postpartum Doula Services

Finding the Perfect Fit

Bundle of Joy Doula Services offer an integrated team of highly-trained doulas who provide emotional, physical and valuable educational support during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. Bundle of Joy doulas have been trained by knowledgeable and experienced DONA-certified instructors, and have a wide range of experience, expertise, and personalities.

We understand that each family’s personality, needs and wishes are unique, so we offer a customized and confidential referral process to help you find a doula who is the perfect fit for you and your budget. We know each of our doulas personally and are therefore able to confidently recommend doulas for you based on character and qualification.

Birth Doulas
$400 - $1800 BASED ON

Postpartum Doulas
$22-$45 PER HOUR
rates differ for twins