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Postpartum Doula Services

Many parents wish, in retrospect, that they had spent more time preparing for what happens after the birth of their child. A postpartum doula can help the family understand what to expect, and learn how to care for their baby as well as help create the sanctuary necessary for ideal postpartum recovery. Her comforting presence, coaching and hands-on instruction help parents adjust with more ease to the challenges of newborn family life. A postpartum doula supports the family through:

INFANT CARE TRAINING » for all family members, including diapering, cord care, bathing and learning to read your baby’s cues.

LACTATION SUPPORT » resolving the challenges of breastfeeding and offering alternative feeding options when necessary or desired.

GENTLE REASSURANCE » with the natural and challenging emotional and physical phases of maternal recovery, and the ongoing transition to parenthood for both parents.

DEVELOPING YOUR MATERNAL INSTINCT » while offering different parenting perspectives, and baby calming and sleeping techniques.

AN EXTRA SET OF HANDS » to prepare nourishing food for mother and family members, organize and tidy baby’s nursery, do laundry, purchase groceries, run errands and offer help with siblings.

TWIN, MULTIPLE AND PREEMIE EXPERTISE » with NICU-trained doulas and nurses available.

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Finding the Perfect Fit

Bundle of Joy Doula Services offer an integrated team of highly-trained doulas who provide emotional, physical and valuable educational support during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. Bundle of Joy doulas have been trained by knowledgeable and experienced DONA-certified instructors, and have a wide range of experience, expertise, and personalities.

We understand that each family’s personality, needs and wishes are unique, so we offer a customized and confidential referral process to help you find a doula who is the perfect fit for you and your budget. We know each of our doulas personally and are therefore able to confidently recommend doulas for you based on character and qualification.

Birth Doulas
$400 - $1800 BASED ON

Postpartum Doulas
$22-$45 PER HOUR
rates differ for twins